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Congratulations to our 2017 Florida team - Academy of Environmental Science's Majestic Sea Flap Flaps! They did a great job at the 2017 National Conservation Foundation's North American Envirothon competition in Maryland.


We are in the process of building the new Florida Envirothon website (http://flenvirothon.com/). Until then, the 2017 Florida Envirothon event information will be on this page. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.

The tentative agenda will be available soon. There will probably be some special additions on Friday afternoon/evening, so be sure to check back to check it out - we hope to see you there!
For those of you who win your regional competitions, we will email you information.

A map of participating counties will be uploaded after mid-January.

The competition is centered on five universal testing categories:

AQUATIC ECOLOGY - Water ecology, water chemistry, plants and animals living in or around water, water quality, water conservation, etc.
Study information: Aquatic Study Guide

CURRENT ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUE - A topic selected annually by the Regional or State or Envirothon Planning Committees. Most years the Regional and Florida Envirothon Committees select the same topic as the National Committee.
Study Information: NAE Current Competition Current Topic Resources, APHIS International Services Screwworm Information, New World Screwworm Factsheet

FORESTRY - Forest ecology, tree identification, insects, diseases, timber measurements, forest management, urban forestry, forest economics, etc.
Study Information: Forestry Study Guide

SOIL & LAND USE - Classification, soil formation, basic chemical and physical properties, profiles, soil characteristics, soil surveys, site suitability, erosion, land use, conservation practices, etc.
Study Information: Soil & Land Use Study Guide

WILDLIFE - Identification, habitat, foods, diseases, rules and regulations, management, invasives, etc.
Study Information: Wildlife Study Guide

In order to get to the national competition, teams have to win first their regional competition and then their state competition.

Objectives - Rules - Study Material


2017 Florida Envirothon Information

When: Competition will be on April 29, 2017 7:30am - 3:00pm, check-in begins at 7:00am; On Friday, April 28th, early check-in will begin at 3pm.

Event registration deadline is April 5th & Payment is due by April 12th, 2016. Please contact your Regional Coordinator for the information to register your team. Make checks payable to and send to: Florida Envirothon, 1440 SE 15th St, Ste. 4, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

Reminder - Flat fee/team of $225 (up to 2 advisors and 7 team members) instead of the per person rate. Although only 5 team members may represent your team during the competition, the other 2 team members may join a "fusion" team to compete for category awards - they just can't win the overall top places.

Where: Mayakka River State Park
13208 State Rd 72
Sarasota, FL 34241

Hotels are nearby and camping is allowed at the park.

2016 Participating Counties & Regional Coordinator Contacts - this will be updated with the 2017 Participating Counties once registration has ended

Current Issue: Agricultural Soil and Water Conservation Stewardship

For more information, contact Dawn Miller-Walker. Click here for a list of Board Members.

Visit these sites for more information regarding Envirothons:
Florida State Envirothon - http://flenvirothon.com/ (please use the page you are on until further notice, the regular site is under construction)
Envirothon - http://www.envirothon.org/

A great link to the past Envirothon Oral presentation winners - https://www.envirothon.org/media-center/video-gallery